The Smart Ballers
Specialty Basketball™ System

Our primary coaching emphasis is on basketball IQ.

For smart players, the right training starts with mental understanding, not physical skill. Because if you don’t start with the right mental understanding of the game, you’ll waste a lot of time and effort focusing on the wrong skill training.

Our founder, ex-NBA player Shawn Opunui, developed a revolutionary player development system we call “Specialty Basketball™.” This secret system is how Shawn earned millions as a professional player—at just 5’11” tall.

It’s for smart players who use intelligence, not just athleticism, to dominate the court.

The system is based on three components:

1. Angles
2. Roles
3. Zones

Specialty Basketball™ tells players exactly what to do, in what positions on the floor, and at what times to maximize their unique abilities.

Using Specialty Basketball™, the game becomes so simple that players look like professionals playing against amateurs—even when opponents are bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic.

This system completely transforms how players see and play the game.

It’s like walking through the Matrix and seeing the hidden code of basketball that no one else sees. And when players see this hidden code, they have an unfair advantage over everyone on the court.

Seeing this code alone makes players better immediately. They don’t need to perform a single drill, improve a single skill, or even step foot on the court.

This comes from simply knowing how to fit within the game to get more production and fewer mistakes from their current skill level. Their strengths are magnified and their weaknesses don’t matter.