Jason Clark, Parent

"Steve, I really appreciate your drive to make these kids a great basketball unit. We have been doing rec league sports and travel baseball for years with Preston since he could walk. We have had a myriad of coaches and I have been most impressed with you. 

"Preston is more engaged in this game than I have ever seen. He is sold on your system because he knows he is not an 'All Star' but wants to work his ass off to win."

Ivan Kamili

"Shawn has really helped me realize that it’s the little things that matter the most. His precise breakdown of every single move teaches you how to play relaxed and watch everything happen in slow motion. "

Mckay Meacham

"Shawn has really taught me how to open my eyes and focus on all the players on the court, instead of just me and my defender. He has taught me that basketball is easy, you just have to outsmart everyone on the court."