Add Smarts to Your Skills
to Get Recruited & Paid to Play

We help you dominate the court with your brain, not just your athleticism and skills.


Discover Your Unique
Basketball Specialty

The smartest, most effective, and best-paid basketball players are specialists. Unfortunately, hardly anyone understands the Four Deadly Specialties.

Take our quick quiz to discover your basketball specialty now.

You'll learn exactly what to focus on to play your best game.


What Makes Smart Ballers Training
So Different & Effective?

It's About INTELLIGENCE, Not Athleticism

Typical training programs are based on skill and athleticism. Our basketball training programs are based on intelligence. And ANYONE, regardless of skill level or athletic ability, can become a smart player.

It's Based on Secret ANGLES

You don't have to be the quickest, strongest, tallest, or most athletic to dominate the court. You just need to know the Basketball Angles Matrix™, which gives you a HUGE advantage over everyone, no matter your skills or athletic ability.

We Make the Game Incredibly SIMPLE

Our basketball training cuts through all the clutter and complexity and reveals the predictable patterns of the game. You'll play chess on the court while everyone else is playing checkers.

Subtle DETAILS that Change Everything

There are subtle, yet critical, details in basketball that make a HUGE difference in your game. We reveal those subtle details so you can practice with perfection without developing bad habits.

Meet Your Trainer, Ex-NBA Player Shawn Opunui

Shawn Opunui grew up as a scrappy short kid playing basketball barefoot in Hawaii.

When he was 12 years old, his coach told him, "Shawn, you're always going to be the smallest guy on the court. The only way you'll ever make it in this game is if you're smarter than everyone."

And that's exactly what Shawn did.

He devoted his life to the game of basketball. When other guys were out partying, he was analyzing film with his coach.

His hard work and dedication paid off. At just 5' 11" tall, he went on to earn millions playing professional basketball in the NBA and overseas.

Today, Shawn is an elite Player Development Trainer. He specializes in helping players make dramatic improvements in their game by reducing their effort. In other words, his players spend far less energy to get much better stats.


"Shawn has really taught me how to open my eyes and focus on all the players on the court, instead of just me and my defender. He has taught me that basketball is easy, you just have to outsmart everyone on the court."

Mckay Meacham
High School Senior

"Shawn has really helped me realize that it’s the little things that matter the most. His precise breakdown of every single move teaches you how to play relaxed and watch everything happen in slow motion. "

Ivan Kamili
College Junior

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